MARCH 21, 2019


The Safety Respect Equity Coalition stands with the brave women who came forward to share their stories of sexual harassment by philanthropist Michael Steinhardt as part of this morning’s article in the New York Times. We recognize the risk they took in speaking out. In doing so, and often to their detriment, they have made our Jewish community safer. Survivors should not be left with the responsibility to keep our community safe. It is our collective responsibility to do the work necessary so they don’t have to. The more we can do to elevate these stories and the women in them, the more likely it is we can begin to engage in the important conversations and culture change work necessary to make it so that no person has to experience harassment as part of their job.

As organizations committed to ensuring a safe, respectful and equitable Jewish Community, we must take seriously the complaints about sexual harassment or victimization that are disclosed and establish practices to ensure they are thoroughly and immediately investigated. No individual’s power or wealth should put them above the physical and emotional safety of women. The Jewish community has work to do to address these open secrets and do the work to repair relationships with those they have harmed by looking away.

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