JULY 25, 2018

SRE Coalition Leadership,

Recent articles in Jewish Week, The Forward, and eJewish Philanthropy continue to highlight the urgency of our work and the responsibility we have to address sexual harassment within our Jewish institutions and community.  As a Coalition, we must challenge organizations to strengthen their practices and lift up and honor those who do. We must stand unabashedly with those who come forward and speak out about harassment and abuse in the Jewish community.

We stand in solidarity with the victims, including those who remain anonymous. We applaud the organizations that have taken swift actions and the leaders who have raised their voices to commit to making our community safer, more respectful and more equitable. We offer appreciation to the journalists and recognize the critical role they play in bringing these stories to the forefront of our collective conscience. We acknowledge the pain that is caused when well-known figures within our own Jewish community are revealed to be so terribly flawed.

We are working on collecting resources, policies, and procedures for addressing sexual harassment and assault, that can be used and shared among Coalition members so that organizations have access to how others are approaching their response.  If your organization has already adopted policies or has existing protocols for addressing harassment, or if you have responded to recent allegations, we would like to better understand what that process looked like and if it can serve as a model for others. We invite you to share it with us at so that we can make these resources along with others are available to Coalition members.

Thank you for your commitment to this work. We have a long road ahead of us, and remain grateful to each of you for your leadership.