FEBRUARY 4, 2019


It was one year ago almost to the day, when nearly 60 diverse foundations, organizations and experts joined together to launch the Safety Respect Equity Coalition. Since that time, the Coalition has served as a catalyst, a convener, and a clearinghouse — bringing  together diverse organizations and efforts to address the cultural problems of sexism, gender bias and inequity that prevent women’s leadership and equity and allow misconduct and discrimination to persist.

Many ask us when we will collectively see the results of our work. We’ve created this timeline to capture some of our work over the past year. We recognize that significant culture change doesn’t happen overnight—but we are beginning to shift the narrative and change expectations within organizations.

  • We see it when the boards of major Jewish institutions are having conversations and examining policies they’ve never spent time discussing in the past.
  • We see it through new systems being put into place for internal reporting and investigation.
  • We see it through increased funding for organizations and experts in the field so they can provide access to training and resources.
  • We see it through policies and procedures that are being redesigned for a more equitable workplace.
  • We see it through the voices of the victims who are bravely coming forward and sharing their stories—and are finding support along the way.
  • We see it at conferences, where the presence of themes that are core to SRE are no longer relegated to small breakouts or hallway conversations. Instead, they are being embedded into programming and plenary sessions from Hillel’s Global Assembly to BBYO’s International Convention, Jewish Funders Network and Prizmah to name a few.

Our work is just beginning and we are glad you are on this journey with us.