SRE Members

The following SRE Network members have committed...

to implementing comprehensive standards in our organizations and communal spaces to achieve the goals of safety, respect and equity.*

*The organizations and individuals listed here have adopted the Safety Respect Equity Network’s Standards, which is a set of principles to help provide guidance for establishing safe, respectful, equitable workplaces and communal spaces. The Standards on its own does not guarantee safety, respect and equity, nor does it imply that all organizations that have adopted the Standards have completed the necessary work to ensure safety, respect and equity in their workplaces. For many organizations, adopting the Standards is a sign that the work is beginning or in progress. SRE takes no formal responsibility for the actions of organizations or individuals who adopt the Standards. SRE reserves the right to comment or otherwise take a position on any company, institution or individual, regardless of whether SRE has received a donation from them, or has worked with them in the past.