Change won't happen overnight.

But it starts today.

Commit to ensuring safe, respectful and equitable Jewish workplaces and communal spaces.

SRE Network

SRE Network is a Jewish network of over 125 organizations committed to creating safe, respectful, equitable workplaces and communal spaces in North America. We focus on building community, research & learning, and strategic community investments using an intersectional lens of gender justice.

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"It is not incumbent upon you to finish the task, but neither are you free to absolve yourself from it."

(Rabbi Tarfon, Pirke Avot 2:16)

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We Are


A network that reflects the diversity of identities and needs of its membership through its composition, programming and resources.


A network that serves as a catalyst for building the kind of long-term movement needed to create a safe, respectful and equitable Jewish community and larger society.


A network that, through its thoughtful and innovative grantmaking and the power of its membership, is able to multiply the impact of its community investments.

What We Believe


We must live up to the values within Jewish tradition that call upon us to raise our voices and lead where our community and society have fallen short.

Address Inequalities

Our community must address the structural inequalities and power dynamics that have allowed harassment and abuse to take root.


Organizations and their leadership must hold themselves and each other accountable for enacting the changes we need to see.

what we believe


Post Convening Resources

SRE 2020 Post-Convening Resource Page

View Agenda, Videos, Worksheets and more from the SRE 2020 Convening
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