Safety Respect Equity

A Jewish coalition to address sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

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Environments free from harassment and intimidation based on gender or sexuality.


People treated with civility, courtesy and professionalism.


People dealt with fairly, equally and given the same opportunities for participation, membership and advancement.

Change won't happen overnight. But it starts today. Commit to ensuring safe, respectful and equitable Jewish workplaces and communal spaces.

The #MeToo movement has revealed an inescapable truth: sexual harassment, sexism and gender discrimination exist everywhere, and the Jewish community is no exception.

We are both inspired and obligated by Jewish tradition to address these injustices against women and people of all genders, in accordance with legal requirements and informed by the highest ethical standards.

The coalition encompasses four focus areas.


Mutual promise among nonprofits and philanthropies to enact the highest standards in their organizations.


Comprehensive standards for safe, respectful and equitable work environments and communal spaces.


Expertise, tools and funding to support organizational and cultural change throughout the community.


Catalyzing and coordinating activities that address both urgent, immediate issues and long-term systemic ones.

A diverse coalition working for change through collective...

The coalition is comprised of organizations and leaders that share our goals.* We seek to include agencies of all sizes, movements and locations; people of all genders, sexual orientations, abilities, ages and origins; professionals and volunteers, board members and community members; religious and secular, and the diverse racial and ethnic mosaic that makes up today’s Jewish community.

*The organizations listed below that are members of the coalition have committed to implementing the standards currently under development and to providing resources (time, money and/or expertise) to further the goals of the coalition. This work is in progress and not necessarily complete for most or all organizations on the list.

Organizations and their leadership must hold themselves and each other accountable for enacting the changes we need to see.
Our community must address the structural inequalities and power dynamics that have allowed harassment and abuse to take root.
We must live up to the values within Jewish tradition that call upon us to raise our voices and lead where our community and society have fallen short.
  1. Rabbi Elka Abrahamson
  2. Ilana Aisen
  3. Sharon Alpert
  4. Robert Bank*
  5. April Baskin
  6. Guila Benchimol
  7. Shira Berkovits
  8. Elizabeth Berman
  9. Paul Bernstein
  10. Jamie Allen Black
  11. Joy Brand-Richardson
  12. Miriam Chilton
  13. Gali Cooks
  14. Karen W Davidson
  15. Barbara Dobkin
  16. Lisa Eisen*
  17. Naomi Eisenberger
  18. Shira Epstein
  19. Barry Finestone
  20. Jeremy Fingerman
  21. Liz Fisher
  22. Jonathan Greenblatt
  23. Rabba Sara Hurwitz
  24. Andrea Jacobs
  25. Meredith Jacobs
  26. Martin Kaminer
  27. Gabriella Kamran
  28. Sheila Katz*
  29. Nancy Kaufman
  30. Idit Klein*
  31. Mimi Kravetz
  32. Rachel Levin
  33. Sharon Masling
  34. Yavilah McCoy
  35. Darrin McKeever
  36. Ruth Messinger
  37. Deborah Meyer
  38. Rachel Garbow Monroe
  39. Jody Rabhan
  40. Steve Rakitt
  41. Stefanie Rhodes
  42. Judith Rosenbaum
  43. Rachel Jacoby Rosenfield
  44. Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg
  45. David Schizer
  46. Charlene Seidle
  47. Tilly Shames
  48. Jerry Silverman
  49. Rabbi Rebecca Sirbu
  50. Jill Smith
  51. Andrés Spokoiny
  52. Rabbi Mira Wasserman
  53. Rabbi Elyse Wechterman
  54. Jenna Weinberg
  55. Lori Weinstein
  56. Sharon Weiss-Greenberg
  57. Rabbi Mary Zamore

Together, we can create a Jewish community that is safe, respectful and equitable for all of us.

*Leadership list current as of August 21, 2018. Individuals with an asterisk by their name denote the co-chairs of the coalition’s governance groups.