SRE Commitment

We commit to...

Adhere to high ethical and legal standards for prevention and response to sexual harassment and gender discrimination and to adopt institution-wide policies and procedures; reporting and response; and education and training, as well as to provide the necessary leadership, resources and knowledge to assure these measures are implemented and effective.


RECOGNIZING that no community, including our own, is immune from sex- and gender-based bias and misconduct;

EMBRACING our ethical responsibility to honor the dignity of every individual who enters a Jewish communal space or workplace;

DESIRING to elevate these issues to a primary concern of the broader community and address them through urgent and immediate action;

ASSERTING the need for individuals of all backgrounds in Jewish organizations, whether professional, volunteer or participant, to help prevent and respond to discrimination and harassment;

ELEVATING the necessity for all targets of discrimination and abuse to have a safe, confidential and accessible method to lodge their claims;

AFFIRMING the need to respond swiftly and responsibly to reported incidents of discrimination or harassment;

ENSURING that all claims are properly investigated and handled in an impartial and non-retaliatory manner;

EMPHASIZING that witnesses to abuse and discrimination are encouraged to speak up rather than stand by idly;

PRIORITIZING the well-being of targets of abuse, including creating environments where they can safely and comfortably speak out and take steps to have their needs met;

STRIVING to foster organizational and communal cultures where all individuals have equal opportunities for hiring and advancement as professionals and volunteers;

BELIEVING that transparency and accountability are essential elements of healthy organizations and communities;

SEEKING to effect change at the leadership, organizational and community-wide levels to do everything possible to guarantee that all Jewish workplaces and communal spaces are safe, respectful and equitable for all; and

ENCOURAGING the adoption of comprehensive discrimination and harassment prevention and response frameworks by each Jewish organization that provides sufficient education, oversight and ongoing review to assure strong protections.



As adopters of this Commitment, we promise to implement comprehensive standards in our organizations and communal spaces to achieve the goals of safety, respect and equity.  The Safety, Respect, Equity Commitment is part of SRE’s mission to make all Jewish workplaces and communal spaces safe, respectful and equitable. The Commitment is not a legally binding document.


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