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Safety Respect Equity

A Jewish network to address sexual harassment and gender discrimination


Change won’t happen overnight. But it starts today. Commit to ensuring safe, respectful and equitable Jewish workplaces and communal spaces.


Environments free from harassment and intimidation based on gender or sexuality.


People treated with civility, courtesy and professionalism.


People dealt with fairly, equally and given the same opportunities for participation, membership and advancement.

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SRE encompasses the following four areas of focus:


Mutual promise among nonprofits and philanthropies to enact the highest standards in their organizations


Comprehensive standards for safe, respectful and equitable workplaces and communal spaces


Expertise, tools and funding to support organizational and cultural change throughout the community


Funding opportunities to advance organizational efforts that foster safe, respectful and equitable workplaces and communal spaces


The #MeToo movement has revealed an inescapable truth: sexual harassment, sexism and gender discrimination exist everywhere, and the Jewish community is no exception.

We are both inspired and obligated by Jewish tradition to address these injustices against women and people of all genders, in accordance with legal requirements and informed by the highest ethical standards.